Board Meetings, Agendas, Public Records

Public Records Requests

The RBHA is a federal agency. We are required by Public Records laws at the state and federal level to provide access to any public records to members of the public (including non-residents). Read the policy below. 

The five-member RBHA Board of Commissioners meets on the second Tuesday of each month at Authority offices. The meetings are open to the public and nearly all information is available to the public by request. Below, please find the most recent meeting agendas and minutes as well as ways to get additional information.  

Meeting Agendas

Each year in May, we host our Annual Board meeting, in addition to our monthly regular meetings, and it’s time! This year’s Annual and Regular Board meetings will be held at the CRA Clean & Safe Ambassador Center on Singer Island. The annual meeting will start at 7 p.m., with the recognition of current Board members and the election of new team leads—Board Chairman and Board Vice Chairman. Or Vice Chairwoman. The regular meeting will follow. Both are open to the public, so come!


Meeting Minutes